2. I recently shot & edited this trailer for Locals, who are debuting their swoon-worthy surf rock skills. 

    This is probably the most fast-paced video I’ve ever cut… that’s all I’ll say.

    Check it out! There’s lots to see in under a minute.

    I’m in there somewhere. Hi.

    *Watch it in HD* if you know what’s up.


  3. yvynyl:

    premiere: Locals - Stay Away

    I met lead singer Kurt Cain-Walther by chance in one of our favorite coffee shops here in Philadelphia the other day and he wanted to share his new project with me (and you). Another cool coincidence, their very first video was produced by my friends at Out of Town Films:

    Hey Mark!

    Just reaching out to you post our coffee shop chat this morning.  It was awesome to finally meet you.  I didn’t get a chance to say it at the coffee shop but I wanted to say thankyou for helping out Market East a while back.  It was always nice to hear kind words from someone that I respect musically.  

    The new project I am working on currently is called Locals.  We are a 5 piece indie/surf band.  I guess you could say we are heavily influenced by iconic surf bands like The Ventures and The Beach Boys but you can definitely hear some Sam Cooke and Chuck Berry in there.  I feel like everything I do musically has some ties to early 60’s pop.  Its in my blood at this point. 

    Anyway!  We are still in the very very early stages of developing the project for peoples ears.  We have been busy recording and writing and practicing in a grungy basement (which is hard when you are trying to write sunshine music)  but its kind of a nice departure for us all.  I know I talked with you about it at the coffee shop but its so nice to write music that makes you feel happy.  I heard you say something about music that produces negativity.  I couldn’t agree more when it comes to the music I listen to and create.  Good Vibes all the way!  

    We just filmed a live session with our buddies at Out of Town Films and will be releasing a couple live videos before our first show coming up.  We will be playing with The Yetis (awesome band) at Ortlieb’s in Philly coming up on 11/8.  I’ll send you over the live session videos for now.  As soon as the recordings are mixed and mastered, I will send them your way.  I would love to know your honest opinion.  

    Anyway, I wont talk your ear off haha.  It really was a pleasure meeting you.  It was cool to talk briefly about coffee and Philly and Cali and everything inbetween.  I hope you dig our East Coast Surf tunes.  We need it here.  

    [Ed. note: you’ll have to wait for these!] I’m also going to include three ROUGH demos of songs we are recording in New York this weekend.  The demos were recorded live on an Iphone just for our listening purposes.. so hopefully you can look past the crappy quality until I can get you some real recordings haha.  Maybe these will help give you a vibe though.  No one has heard these yet but I trust you won’t show them to anyone since they are so rough)  Let me know what you think!

    All the best,


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  4. Indoor Cloud


    Outdoor Cloud

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  5. I’ve been making some images for localstheband lately! Including this.

    Check out their Insta for more.

    Video coming out soon… 


  6. Not fully embracing the change of seasons quite yet…


  7. Cozytown, USA 


  8. What’s up.


  9. colors - pt 3 


  10. Scene from an excellent shoot I worked on for localstheband this past weekend.

    Video will be up soon xoxo


  11. went shooting - got shot


  12. amyyy:

    Adventuring. July 2014

    3k+ notes alright alright


  13. A heap of picturesque moments like this are right around the corner.


  14. Reowrrr 🐱 @amydilorenzo


  15. Cy Twombly exhibit brought to life @ philamuseum