2. Just a short diptych I put together for the scenic mems - 

    Brenton Cove & Band Of Horses


  3. Newport Folk Festival | July 2014


  4. Kurt took my picture.

    (I was watching Jack White. There wasn’t much variety in my level of consciousness.)


  5. We were hanging pretty hard this weekend. 


  6. Douglas Capper makes cool things from the earth with his hands. He made some waves at the Newport Folk Festival this year, and will be continuing to do so with his company: Earth & Iron


  7. Band of Horses @ Newport Folk Festival | July 2014

    Out of the whole lineup, these were the guys I wanted to see.

    I made sure I was the closest photographer in the pit.

    It was perfect. 

    (Source: amyyy)


  8. Me via @urbanoutfitters via the amazing @sarah_kunst & @adamcantiello duo. Many many thanks to both of then for the rad times! 🙌 (at Newport Folk Festival)



  10. View from the car

    (Click-through for hi-res.)


  11. Leg stretching on the way to Savage River


  12. Adventuring. July 2014


  13. Maryland | July 2014


  14. I dedicate this gif I made to my friend, Niles, who can pop out a relevant one-liner as if by the push of a-…

    a uh-…. a thing. I’ll think of it.

    (Source: amyyy)


  15. Here’s a gif I made trying to decide what to make.

    That’ll work.