1. Band of Horses @ Newport Folk Festival | July 2014

    Out of the whole lineup, these were the guys I wanted to see.

    I made sure I was the closest photographer in the pit.

    It was perfect. 

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  2. Me via @urbanoutfitters via the amazing @sarah_kunst & @adamcantiello duo. Many many thanks to both of then for the rad times! 🙌 (at Newport Folk Festival)



  4. View from the car

    (Click-through for hi-res.)


  5. Leg stretching on the way to Savage River


  6. Adventuring. July 2014


  7. Maryland | July 2014


  8. I dedicate this gif I made to my friend, Niles, who can pop out a relevant one-liner as if by the push of a-…

    a uh-…. a thing. I’ll think of it.

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  9. Here’s a gif I made trying to decide what to make.

    That’ll work.


  10. A look down.


  11. Little test I made.

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  12. Devil’s Pool | June 2014


  13. Devil’s Pool


  14. Stepping into some summer vibes


  15. The most handsome.

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