1. Magic hour on the art museum steps.



  3. naturally. turned 6 today!

    ^^in other news, it has been exactly 6 years since my first day having a desk job.

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  4. amyyyetc:



  5. Pre-flakes ❄️ #vscocam #home #interior


  6. amyyy.tumblr.com cont’d.


  7. First snow.


  8. My favorite time of year. 🎄 #vscocam #christmas #home (at Home Sweet Dream)


  9. I ended up(side down) on a flyer!

    For those of you in or around Philly… Come to the beautiful Union Transfer to see the soulful stylings of Lee Fields and The Expressions, and the adorable Kurt's band, Market East, performing this Friday.

    Get your tickets here and I’ll see you there :)


  10. All black everything. #vscocam


  11. Colors.


  12. Holiday album has been started.


  13. Lately.


  14. Our little corner. -@amydilorenzo


  15. Occasionally, it is sunny in Philadelphia.