1. Dusty Springfield the cat and I just chillin’.


  2. Kurt caught me editing in some pretty decent light over the weekend.


  3. Click (at Philadelphia Museum of Art)


  4. I should probably start posting on MedFormat again, huh.




  7. I was in a room surrounded by Twombly and I didn’t want to leave.

    Photo by Kurt


  8. Fog rolling in off the river


  9. Magic hour on the art museum steps.



  11. naturally. turned 6 today!

    ^^in other news, it has been exactly 6 years since my first day having a desk job.

    (Source: assets)


  12. amyyyetc:



  13. Pre-flakes ❄️ #vscocam #home #interior


  14. amyyy.tumblr.com cont’d.


  15. First snow.