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  2. My hair needs a new chop and/or part. Any suggestions, Tumblrs?


  3. Come hang out with me on Instagram — @amydilorenzo


  4. amyyyetc:

    Putting on Kurt’s glasses always.


  5. Just some shots from around the house - Previously looked something like this. No master bedroom photos quite yet. 

    Welcome to my favorite place. 


  6. Living room accomplished. #interiors #apartment #vscocam (at Home Sweet Dream)


  7. Makeshift bed for our first night in the new house. #interior #home #vscocam (at Home Sweet Dream)


  8. amyyy.tumblr.com continued.


  9. New house renovations are happening — moving into this 2-bedroom babe in September!


  10. Instagram update@amydilorenzo


  11. On my Peter Pan collar game in front of my hard drive library wondering when I became a nerd who has a hard drive library. TB babies.


  12. Dusty has a lollipop addiction.

    She’ll find them wherever they are and knock them around the apartment for days. Her addiction recently taken a dark turn and has led to blatant robbery.


  13. Too good to not post. Happy Saturday!

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  14. Alternatively…. 


  15. Kurt, enlightened by the light, took my picture yesterday.