1. I ended up(side down) on a flyer!

    For those of you in or around Philly… Come to the beautiful Union Transfer to see the soulful stylings of Lee Fields and The Expressions, and the adorable Kurt's band, Market East, performing this Friday.

    Get your tickets here and I’ll see you there :)


  2. All black everything. #vscocam


  3. Colors.


  4. Holiday album has been started.


  5. Lately.


  6. Our little corner. -@amydilorenzo


  7. Occasionally, it is sunny in Philadelphia.


  8. (Source: instagram.com)


  9. My hair needs a new chop and/or part. Any suggestions, Tumblrs?


  10. Come hang out with me on Instagram — @amydilorenzo


  11. amyyyetc:

    Putting on Kurt’s glasses always.


  12. Just some shots from around the house - Previously looked something like this. No master bedroom photos quite yet. 

    Welcome to my favorite place. 


  13. Living room accomplished. #interiors #apartment #vscocam (at Home Sweet Dream)


  14. Makeshift bed for our first night in the new house. #interior #home #vscocam (at Home Sweet Dream)


  15. amyyy.tumblr.com continued.