1. This was my view yesterday.

    In a kayak floating down a canal listening to Seu Jorge sing Bowie songs  in Portuguese… like this.


  2. Kayak kids

    Diptych video to come… 


  3. My last 2 weeks according to Instagram. I can’t even complain.

    Video shoot in the East Village, laying under the sun in Ocean City, road tripping to a talented tattoo artist in Ohio with some lovely people, and… eating ice cream. 

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  4. Kids


  5. NY morning view from a couch-crasher’s perspective.


  6. Beach babes



  8. Instagram update.

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  9. For those of you following from Philly…

    This wonderful show is happening tonight at Milkboy and you can come drink, dance, and even pick up a nice print of this poster I designed (^^) for Market East. This is the release of their much-awaited sophomore album, Children of Summer, and it’s gonna be amazing.

    Hope to see you there!


  10. First grill night of the season. 

    I feel like my consumption of burgers and smoked meats is about to skyrocket for the next few months… I ain’t even mad. 


  11. This is the sunniest my Instagram’s ever looked.

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  12. Reminder to self:

    1. Be kind.
    2. Consume less. Produce more.
    3. Tell the truth.
    4. Help those who can’t help you.
    5. Call your mother.
    6. Don’t forget to travel.

  13. Patricia and I ventured to Preakness this year.

    (We made her hat! Believe it.)


  14. Instagram update.

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  15. The latest flyer I’ve made.

    This is for Market East's album release show.