1. Kayak kids

    Diptych video to come… 


  2. My last 2 weeks according to Instagram. I can’t even complain.

    Video shoot in the East Village, laying under the sun in Ocean City, road tripping to a talented tattoo artist in Ohio with some lovely people, and… eating ice cream. 

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  3. Kids


  4. NY morning view from a couch-crasher’s perspective.


  5. Beach babes



  7. Instagram update.

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  8. For those of you following from Philly…

    This wonderful show is happening tonight at Milkboy and you can come drink, dance, and even pick up a nice print of this poster I designed (^^) for Market East. This is the release of their much-awaited sophomore album, Children of Summer, and it’s gonna be amazing.

    Hope to see you there!


  9. First grill night of the season. 

    I feel like my consumption of burgers and smoked meats is about to skyrocket for the next few months… I ain’t even mad. 


  10. This is the sunniest my Instagram’s ever looked.

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  11. Reminder to self:

    1. Be kind.
    2. Consume less. Produce more.
    3. Tell the truth.
    4. Help those who can’t help you.
    5. Call your mother.
    6. Don’t forget to travel.

  12. Patricia and I ventured to Preakness this year.

    (We made her hat! Believe it.)


  13. Instagram update.

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  14. The latest flyer I’ve made.

    This is for Market East's album release show.


  15. As promised: The video I made of Kurt’s band, Market East, performing their new single live in the studio. I’m loving the way this turned out. 

    Follow MarketEastMusic.com (their Tumblr) for updates on their new album, and check out the write up of their single release on XPN.

    Their sound generously leaks vibes of youth and energy. I can’t listen without feeling nostalgic in a strangely contemporary way, all to a rhythm that just makes me want to dance along.

    I’m proud of these talented boys. They’re inspiring.