1. lamebot said: hi! how are things? catch us up. :)

    Things are looovely.

    Still living in Princeton, relocating to Philadelphia (NYC is on hold…) once work calms down this winter. I’ve somehow become immersed into the world of video editing / designing and animating motion graphics (♡). It’s been slowly happening over the past couple of years and I’ve recently just fallen into the chasm completely. I may have become obsessed. Still shooting plenty of photos though. Must post more. Photography has somehow branched into newer passions: video, music, and building lamps. Yes, lamps. What? No, I’m not becoming Martha Stewart……. I said I’m not, ok? Can we move on now? 

    Maybe I am.

    BASICALLY, I’m standing on a 3-to-4-month ledge before I change everything in my life from the way it’s been for the past 4 years. I’m filled with both good and bad anxiety. 90% good, though. I think that’s called “excitement.”

    p.s. hi, lamebot. Thanks for asking :)

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  5. nathanielatakora said: isn’t it weird how photography tricks you into making lamps? It happened to me and my friend Denon too. Can we see some?
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  11. caseydonahue said: I’m about to do one of those life changing things too…Switching coasts soon.
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