1. We need to name the new kitty. It’s a girl and the best thing we’ve come up with so far is Dusty Springfield… for the love of God, help us.  


    Any suggestions?

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  12. lauraz said: what’s wrong with Dusty Springfield? You could call it Dust for short.
  13. onlaine said: Angina.
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  17. justmeandtheworld said: I like MARENGO, but cats prefer sonorous names with a lot of “s”… Like ASH!
  18. apdunbar said: Specks
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  20. aeroportage said: Chelyabinsk!
  21. daviddrake said: Name her veronica.
  22. cbot said: Pepper ? (her fur color reminds me of black pepper, lol).
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  24. falloutof said: I have a habit of naming my cats after places: Phoenix Tucson Nairobi
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  27. headlessspider said: drake ( don’t worry she will never know its a guy name )
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  29. beautifultango said: Tala or Lily
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  32. antibromide said: Janet
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  36. erraticmadman said: David coppedpot
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  38. sleepie-girl said: i have always wanted to name a cat muddy!
  39. vahneszah said: gloria, odette, clarice
  40. hayleekitties said: Marigold.
  41. sweetorangepeels said: Russia, tip toe, tippy, lulu, caramel, or kit-kat.
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  45. henhendahousecat said: Professor Sandwich
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